C Programming

C Programming

C Switch Statement

In C, Switch statement is one of the decision making statement. We have seen than when multiple alternative is available to be selected we can use an if statement. When we use if statement the complexity of these program will be increased because of too many alternative condition. To solve confusion C Programming have a …

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C Programming

C If Statement

The if statement is simple and powerful decision making statement. If statement used to control flow of execution statements based on some condition. Generally it is two way statement. if(test expression) Compiler first evaluate the expression based on result of expression it transfer control to a particular statement. The value of expression can be is …

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C Programming

C Decision Making

C Program is set of statements which are generally execute in sequence in the order in which they written. In real situation we have to change order of execution of statements based on certain conditions. To see whether a particular condition are met or not C Program use decision making. The condition direct compiler to …

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C Programming

C Type Conversion

A type Conversion refers to converting one data type into another another data type. It is also known as Type Casting. C Provides two types of type Conversion. C Type Conversion Implicit Type Conversion Explicit Type Conversion 1. Implicit Type Conversion C allows mixing of constants and variables of different data types in expression. C …

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C Programming

C Operators

C supports rich set of built-in operators. In C Operators is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform given arithmetical or logical operation. In C programs operators are used for manipulate data and variables. Operators are generally part of given any logical expression. C Operators includes following list of operators Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators …

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C Programming

C Data Types

1. Primary or Fundamental Data Types All C Compiler support five fundamental data types, that are integer(int), floating point(float), character(char), double precision floating point(double) and void. Following tables provides information of type, its size, its range and their format specifiers. Type Size(bytes) Range Format Specifier char 1 -128 to 127 %c signed char 1 -128 …

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C Programming

C Variables

A Variable is an identifier that may be used to store a data value. C variables are just symbolic represent to indicate memory location which holds data. A variable value can change, a variable may take different values at different time during execution. In C Variables are declared with name and datatype. Syntax DataType variable1,variable2,…,variableN; …

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