Python File handling

Access Modifiers in Python

Access Modifiers in Python are used to determine the access of the variables and methods of a class into other classes. Most of object oriented programming languages like C++, Java, Python are use three types of access specifier Public, Protected and Private. In Python ‘_’ symbol is used to determine the access control for a …

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Python File handling

Abstraction in Python

In Python, a class contains lots of data and the user may not need all the data. So in this case, we can hide some unnecessary data and expose only user required data. The process of hiding the real implementation from the user and point up the only usage of it is known as abstraction. …

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Python File handling

Encapsulation in Python

Encapsulation is a mechanism where data members and methods are bind or wrap together. For example. we take a class and we put variables and methods in the class, so class is binding variables and methods together, here class is encapsulation. The variables and methods of a class is known as members of the class. …

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Python File handling

Python File Handling

File handling is an important concept in any programming language. File handling allows the developer or programmer to store the details in non-volatile memory. The file is the common permanent storage area to store the data. In python File handling-related operations allow developers to create new files, open existing files, read and write data from …

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Python File handling

Python Class & Object

The entire OOPs methodology has been derived from an Object which is root concept of OOP. An Object is anything which have real world existence and can be differentiate from each other by means of behavior or appearance. For Example, a table, a car, a pen, a person etc. It is possible that some objects …

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Python File handling

Python Object Oriented Programming

Python supports different programming approaches to perform a task. Python use classes and objects in their program so it called an Object Oriented Programming Language. It divide main task into several sub tasks and it represent as classes. A Class represents common behavior of a group of objects which have similar behavior. For example, all …

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